Top Apps For Video Editing From Your Phone

We’re always on the go, and it can be hard to get out a laptop and edit a video, especially if we’re in a rush to get something finished. We live in a world where everyone always has a phone on them, so it would be so much easier if we could find an app that edits videos professionally, yet just on our phones. Over the past few months we have used a range of video editing apps that are free to download, so all you have to worry about is how much storage you have rather than which one is best. After using and testing many video editing apps, here are our top 4 choices, whether you want to simply cut a few videos together, or need to go into a lot more detail. Let’s have a look!

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

OUR THOUGHTS: Professional Editing in the Palm of Your Hand

KineMaster is a professional video editor full of incredible features, and available for free download on iOS and Android, with option to upgrade of course. As well as supporting multiple layers of video, it has precise trimming tools, multi-track audio, and options to add images and text. And that’s not all, it also boasts 3D transitions, colour LUT filters, greenscreen editing, and so much more. With professional features on an easy to use system, this app is perfect for everyone, whether an industry professional or creating short videos for YouTube.

We really like the freedom of KineMaster and how easy it is to navigate. It makes putting together and editing videos on the go super easy, which is a great plus if we’re not able to take our laptops with us. It also makes editing and video making more accessible to those who may not be able to afford expensive software. Most video editing apps are basic and only offer a few features on the free versions, but this app is jam-packed with effects, overlays and options for everything your video might need.

But much like most apps, it has its downside. It places a watermark on your completed videos which is annoying, but if you use it regularly it’s worth paying to remove it. Like we’ve said, there is the option to pay to upgrade and buy more features which is annoying if you only want to use it once or twice. It can be restrictive, but what would you expect from a phone app rather than a computer programme? It can’t compete against the death star, but as free editing apps go, it’s a great option and we definitely recommend downloading it to have a play around with to see what you can put together.

InShot Video Editor

OUR THOUGHTS: Spice up Your Instagram Video Posts With This App

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more social media post friendly, InShot might be the video editing app for you. As well as general video editing features that you’d expect, such as trimming video, merging video, and adjusting video speeds, the app allows you to add borders and make videos square ready for Instagram which is a great bonus, especially if Instagram is what you post to most often.

It’s a really fun app to play around with as there are quite a few effects and options you can use to really take your videos to the next level, along with a great music library full of songs and sound effects and an option to add a voiceover. It doesn’t end there either, you can add text, emojis and animated stickers which really make your videos stand out. No one will be able to top your Instagram posts!

It really is a great piece of software with so much potential to make incredible videos that you’d think are put together on a professional computer software programme. But like other video apps, you can’t have everything for free. We haven’t upgraded to the Pro Unlimited Subscription as we feel we don’t need any more from the app, because if we need more we can edit a video on the computer, however people have said in reviews that there are problems, or it is expensive. The upgrade gives you access to all the features as well as removes the watermark, and the subscription is billed annually or monthly, depending on your choice. We think there is an option to choose a one-time payment, but you would have to investigate that yourself depending on what your paying preference may be. By looking into the app, you may see that you don’t need to upgrade, and the features it offers are enough for your needs, especially if you are just posting to Instagram.


OUR THOUGHTS: Simple Yet Jam-Packed With Great Features

Looking for an app that’s simple to use, yet boasts incredible features and effects that other mobile video editors don’t? FilmoraGo for Android and iOS is a great option to go with. Import in video clips and images and get creative on the timeline to create a great video. You can’t split videos, but you can crop them, change the speeds, adjust the video ratio, and so much more, including colour grade options which give your finished projects a more professional edge. Make it even better with a selection of fun transitions and something that we love which is the picture-in-picture option. Not all video editing apps offer this, so it’s great that we’ve found one that does. It’s so easy to adjust the size and position of the layered video, and even add transitions to make it appear even more professional.

One thing we really like about the app is that the videos you make aren’t watermarked, but there is a brief wordmark added onto the end of your finished video, which is fine with us. The exported video can then be uploaded to your social media or shared with friends.

It’s incredible what you can do with this free and simple app, but there are in-app purchases on offer for additional filters and effects, but the store is never obtrusive, and there are no ads, which makes the whole video editing experience much more enjoyable and easy to control. We highly recommend this app, and suggest you download it to see what you can put together.

YouCut – Video Editor & Video Maker

OUR THOUGHTS: Easy Editor Filled With Simple Features

Finally, let’s look at YouCut. A great app that simply lets you trim video and put it together, as well as add music. We’ve decided to add a basic video editor into this list as quite a few people don’t want an all singing and dancing confusing app, and just want to be able to cut a few clips together then upload. It’s great too as it’s free and there are no watermarks placed on your final creations.

We really like this app as it’s super simple to use and has some great features. You’re able to precisely trim and cut videos as well as add filters and effects if you wish. It’s also a nice app to use as there are no ads displayed and getting in the way whilst you edit, which is a bonus. Considering it is a simple piece of software compared to the other apps we have suggested in this list, you’re able to adjust colours on videos, change the aspect ratio, add backgrounds, rotate and flip video, as well as the ability to crop it and add music from the audio library.

It really is a great app to simply put together video, ready to share your final creation. The downside of this app is that it doesn’t have all the features of the other apps we’ve spoken about, as it is just a simple one when you compare them, which is a shame, but we guess you can’t have it all.

So those are our top 4 video editing apps of choice. It actually does help to have more than one downloaded just in case you want an extra feature, but obviously that’s up to you and your editing preferences. Let us know if there are any apps you recommend!

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