Our Team

Nobby Jaber


I have a true passion for business and pride myself on my ability to adapt and problem solve in even the toughest of projects. I have a long history in business having founded and ran multiple companies including health clubs and sports arenas. After graduating from university, I have been involved with business at every level.

Rikki Hazledine


I fell in love with technology from a young age, I cut my teeth playing video games on the SNES and haven’t stopped since. My background is in pshycholgoy and computing, combing both of these allows me a unique insight to peoples way of thinking and how they interact with the technology they use.

Alex Ledine


I'm a naturally creative person who enjoys helping other people get their vision accross to the world. I love coming up with new and original ways to help people communicate with thier audience. In this world of "right here, right now" culture, it is important to grab peoples attention quickly as their time is limited but the storytelling of your brand has the same importance as it ever has.

Anna Mayers


I grew up with Microsoft Publisher 2003 and Arthur the Aardvark. Technology has evolved so much over my life, that my stories and creativity can be seen and appreciated by more than just the people around me. My passion lies with filmmaking and writing, and with the world at my fingertips, why wouldn't I make the most of that?