Apps For Great Instagram Posts

Nearly everything is done and can be done from our phones these days. We have access to incredible supercomputers in the palm of our hands, so why only use them for texting, social media, and cheating at the pub quiz when you could be using them to help further your business and your Instagram page? Here are a few apps that are great for helping you produce great content ready to post onto your Instagram account and give you the feed of your dreams!


Firstly, let’s look at photo editing. A great app that we use is Afterlight, and if you’re looking for a simple photo editing app that’s free, this is the one for you. Afterlight is a straightforward app to use and navigate with it’s easy editing and simple design. Many photo editing apps are too fussy with so many options, but Afterlight always has exactly what we want without having to look far.

If we haven’t got time to edit an image in Photoshop, or just want to brighten up a photo to post in Instagram, the selection of adjustment tools and filters are always just what we need to get a photo looking just how we want. We really recommend this app also because it has quite a few texture options that are great for giving your photos cool effects which makes them stand out or follow a theme you are aiming to achieve. Like all photo editing apps, it also gives you simple tool options that you’d expect so that you can crop, resize and transform your images so they are the size you need them to be.

Like every app, there are options to buy more features and tools so you can have all you’ll ever need to edit your photos in the palm of your hand, but there are still plenty of options on the standard free version. Give this one a try and see how it compares to your current on-the-go photo editor!

Layout for Instagram: Collage

Sometimes you want to post more than one image, but don’t want to post them separately or use Instagram’s new multiple image feature. Luckily, Instagram have created an easy to use collage app which lets you create layout of your photos and post them to the gram! This app lets you personalise everything, so the collage you create gives all your photos time to shine. As well as this, there are options to flip, mirror and resize images which really gives you creative control of what you make in the app.

We really like this app as you can re-mix up to 9 photos in one collage, and really personalise the layouts you make. This app has many more features, and lets you easily upload to Instagram. If you haven’t got time to open your laptop and spend time creating a photo collage, this app makes creating photo layouts easily from the palm of your hand.

We have been using this app for a little while now, and as far as we can see, everything is free, but if you go in depth, you may find a few options you have to pay for. That’s a great thing as it means you have so many options available to use for free which makes it a great app to go for.

Phonto – Text on Photos

Want to make your posts on Instagram a little more exciting? Phonto is great app to have if you want to add some personalisation to your pictures or even make inspirational quotes a little more exciting. Basically, it lets you put text on images, and its sister app Vont (which we haven’t used so can’t comment on) lets you put text on videos. It’s a great free app that is easy to use, and lets you add text to images from your phone without having to open your laptop.

The app allows you to share your creations to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter directly, or just export it to your camera roll which speeds up posting if you need to get something out on your social media profiles quite quickly. To be honest, it’s a great app if you enjoy making memes or want to have a go at making a few.

Like other apps, the free version is full of great features but the option to upgrade allows you to go ad free which gets rid of those annoying popups and gives you more background templates if you don’t want to use your own images. Whilst we’re on this topic, you can’t edit photos or crop them in the app just be aware, but all smartphones have cropping options, or you could use Afterlight, so this can easily be done if you wish to change the size of your image before you import it into the app.

Repost for Instagram

The last app we’re going to let you know about is Repost. You can share other’s photos on Instagram by screenshotting them and posting them (make sure to give credit), but many people use the Repost app to give credit to the original creator as it is easily done for them. This is done through the username of the original poster being shown in the corner of the photo when it appears on your account.

This app is super easy to use as you simply paste the share URL of the original image into the app and it does the rest for you. We think this app is a great idea as it allows you to share posts you like for your followers to see, as well as giving credit to the original which is often forgotten and lost now that social media is accessible for everyone.

You can pay to have the username of the original creator removed from the photos you repost, but we quite like the look of it. There are quite a few popup adverts, and even if you don’t share many photos from other people, we know his app is a great one to have downloaded on your phone as it will make your life so much easier when it comes to it.

There are so many apps out there to help you get your Instagram looking great, but we hope that this small selection will help you if you’re looking for a certain thing or just need a recommendation. Let us know if there are any other great apps we should all know about!

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profile

In this digital age, often the first thing potential customers see of your business is your social media profiles. If they’re boring, not updated, and lacking in what people are searching for, they will quickly try and find another business to give their money to. Sort this out in 4 quick steps that you can start to put into action right now!

  1. Update Your Photos and Logos
  2. People interact with posts on the internet a lot more if they contain pictures or videos. It makes them more exciting, so make sure your profile is filled with up to date photos and logos, so people can clearly see who you are. Whilst you’re at it, make sure that your profile pictures and headers are the right resolution for the page or your pictures will appear pixelated which will make customers think your account is an old, unused one. Use the same images (just change the resolutions) on your other social media accounts so that they all link together and people know they are looking at the same business. If you’re pretty new to social media, don’t panic! Set your header as a block colour which matches your logo, use the same logo for all your profiles – you don’t have to make new ones, save yourself some time!

    For more information on the right resolutions to use for different social platforms, here’s a handy cheat sheet!

  3. Add All The Information You Can
  4. When you initially set up social media accounts, you have the option to add all sorts of information for customers to see, but a lot of people skip that step. That’s not ok! Give potential customers all the details you can about your business, so they can learn who you are and how you can help them. Most platforms let you add a bio, so tell the customer who you are as soon as they look at your profile. Some sites also allow you to add locations and links in this area so add those too to make your account more personal to the business and makes everything easier to find for customers. This is slightly different on all social media platforms, but use everything that’s given to you, don’t waste it! It is free after all.

    Add a bio to your profile explaining what your business does, add the location of your business if you can – this way your customers will be able to see where you are and if they’re able to visit you, add a link to your website or recent blogpost in your profile which will allow people to learn more about you, add the services your company offers on your Facebook page so people know what you offer and what to ask for if they get in contact, add your contact details on Facebook and Instagram so customers know how to reach you. Make things easier for potential customers!

  5. Post Daily
  6. We get it, it can be hard to think of and prepare content to post every day, but a simple retweet or a share of another post can let your followers see that your page is active and willing to engage with others. Schedule articles that you’ve written or similar businesses have put together, photos and videos showcasing your products and services, tips and hacks that your customers might be interested in, advertisements of latest products and deals, and more to go up onto your accounts so people can see what your business is all about! People want to know all about businesses before they part with their cash, so let them see who you are and what you stand for. This is also a great chance to get more active on your social media profiles. Whether you’re on the bus, eating lunch, waiting for the train, whatever you’re doing, spend your time posting and interacting with people through your accounts. This leads us to the final tip…

  7. Connect and Interact With Others
  8. As we’ve said, it’s super easy to keep in touch with your customers and potential ones through social media. By being active on your accounts and interacting with customers by liking their posts and answering questions, people will see you as a friendly and approachable business and will want to be a part of the community that you have created. If you have time, go through hashtags that are relevant to your business and start conversations with people. If you don’t have time to go through everything, check out what customers are tagging you in and share them or like them. People who buy your products and services will know how much you appreciate them getting in touch, even if it is just a simple click of a thumbs up. It’s not difficult to build your followers and customer base, you just need to put a little bit of time and effort into it!

As you can see, giving your social media profiles a little makeover is really easy, and there is nothing that can’t be done. Obviously you can take each of these points to a different level, and redesign all your social media accounts, or just use them more. It’s up to you, but at the end of the day, don’t neglect them as they are important parts of your business and one of the first things that potential customers stumble across.

How to Build Your Social Following

So, you’ve got at least one social media account for your business but want to be followed by more people? We understand. By having a larger follower count, you open your business to more people and will get more interactions on what you post about, possibly leading to more customers to build your business. It isn’t rocket science, but it also won’t happen overnight. Follow these tips and you will be sure to see growth in your follower count.

  1. Follow Businesses in the Local Area/Similar to Yours

It can be nice to have a community feel on your accounts, seeing what’s going on with the businesses around you. Whether you provide a service or sell a product, it’s super easy to follow businesses around your local area, or businesses similar to yours if you don’t have a set address. People like the community feel of businesses supporting and sharing each others posts, and this could result in more business for you, as people will recommend you to others as they will feel like they know you. This step can be done no matter where you are in the world, and can help your account start to gain popularity.

  1.  Share Frequently

If a page doesn’t post content or isn’t interesting, people won’t follow it. Simple. Share everyday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you can. By keeping your accounts up to date and the content fresh, customers can get to know your business, and see that you are serious about what you do. If you are not consistent with posts, people may forget about your business and go elsewhere.

  1. Be Friendly and Approachable

It may help to be professional on social media, but still have a sense of humour. People relate to others if they talk like a normal person rather than a robot. Social media is great for connecting with current and potential customers, so if they reach out to you, help where you can and start a conversation. Stick to the point, but be friendly. You want to encourage people to use your business, not be scared by it.

  1. Post a Range of Content

Talking about your products and services through social media is great, but it can get boring quickly. Add images or even promotional videos of your products or services so people can see what your company can offer them, as well as see what you are selling in action. More people are likely to spend their money if they know exactly what they are getting and like the look of it. It can take some time to build up a selection of images or collection of short videos, but people often prefer exciting visuals over text, meaning they are more likely to purchase with visuals too. Tweets with visuals are 94% more likely to be retweeted onto possible customers than just words, so use this to your advantage.

  1. Use Hashtags as Part of Your Posts

Hashtags are words or short phrases put together with a hash sign (#) at the start to help other social media users find your posts easier (e.g. #hello #fridayfun). These work best on Twitter and Instagram, as people are more likely to search hashtags on these platforms, unlike Facebook, however they can still be used here if you wish. These tags can simply be added at the end of your tweet or Instagram caption to bring more people to your page, and possibly build followers. According to twitter, 6,000 tweets are sent every second, so your tweet could easily get lost from people who are looking for your type of business. Instagram says that around 52,000,000 pictures are posted each day, again meaning yours could be lost to potential customers. Hashtags help people find them and engage with them.

  1. Respond to Followers

So, you’ve started gaining a following, and that’s brilliant. If you keep up the previous 5 steps, they should keep growing steadily, however if you don’t directly communicate with your customers or potential ones, you may lose the interest of the followers you already have. After working hard to gain a following, make sure you reply to any questions people may send you, or engage with posts that talk about your products or services. A simple ‘Like’ of a customer’s post about your business will let them know you are interested in their happiness, and they are more likely to use your company again.

  1. Provide Value

Above all, make sure that your social media accounts are providing value to the people who follow them. If you are constantly pumping out posts just about the products you sell, people will unfollow you as they may not have a need for your products anymore. It could also be that your competition is posting more exciting and relatable content, leading people to follow them, rather than your business. Customers want to find exciting new businesses, so if you’re posting rubbish, they will go elsewhere. A similar thing will happen if all the content you post is the same. You need to inject some flare into your accounts, and post about more than just your business. This will tell your followers to stick around as you’re providing value to them. You can see what works and what doesn’t, but this is the most important point, so your current followers and potential ones will stick around and share what you post so you can gain more.

Like we’ve said, these tips are simple and easy enough once social media for your business becomes part of your everyday routine, but it can take time to build a following. Keep up the good work, and you will be seeing results in no time!

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